Tolka Rover's Golf Society was founded in December 1991.The first Captain was Mr Frank Merriman and the first and only President to date was Mr Frank Cooke. The initial society membership was a mixture of some of the long-time members of the club and some new blood. We have approximately 8 monthly outings per year, mostly in the Dublin area. Our aim is to promote the game in a friendly atmosphere with honest golf, good craic and banter, most often in the friendly surroundings of Tolka Rover's bar after the outing. New Members are always welcome. See our notice board re upcoming outings

Captain:      Anto Reilly          Vice Captain:    Martin Maguire   
Fixtures  for 2017

Date                         Venue                   Tee Time
Fri 10th March        Lucan  GC                       10.30am
Thurs 13th April     Beech Park GC                11.00am
Fri 26th May         St.Margarets GC               12.00pm
Fri 16th June        Forest Little GC                 2.00 pm
                        Fri 21st July         St Annes GC                       11.00am Capains Day
                                          Fri 18th Aug        Roganstown GC            11.00am Presidents Day               Fri 15th Sept         Corrstown GC               11.00am 
Fri 13th Oct             Malahide  GC                   10.30am

                          Turkey Shoot to be Arranged

Best Wishes to Anto and Martin for the year. 

      Results 2017
Lucan Golf Club 10th March
Overall Winner: Anto Reilly (33 pts)
Class 1 Winner..Larry Fleming(32pts)             Class 2 Winner....Eddie Byrne((30pts)
Class 1 R/u Declan Coyle(32pts)      Class 2 R/up...Brian Donnelly(29pts)
Class 1 Third..Johnny Byrne(31pts)      Class 2 Third....Billy Reilly (29pts)

Nines:Front Gay O Reilly   Back:Martin Maguire
2's Declan Coyle

Beech Park Golf Club 13th April
Overall Winner: Joe Reid (36pts)
Class 1 Winner..T O;Connor (34)              Class 2 Winner....Tom Vernor(33)
Class 1 R/u ...Mick Deegan(28)     Class 2 R/up...T Dempsey(32)
Class 1 3rd...Bren Daly (28)   Class 2  3rd...J O'Neill (32)

Twos Robbie Mulholland, Brian Daly


St.Margarets Golf Club 26th May
Overall Winner: Joe O Neill (38)
Class 1 Winner.. Tony O Connor (36)             Class 2 Winner....Gary O Connor(32)
Class 1 R/u ...Anto Reilly (31)     Class 2 R/up...Oliver Toner (30)
Class 1 3rd...Brendan Daly (29)  Class 2  3rd...Alec Leech (30)

Twos Gary O Connor


Forest Little Golf Club 16th June
Overall Winner: Peter Byas (37)
Class 1 Winner.. Robbie Mulholland (32)             Class 2 Winner....Colm Croke(34)
Class 1 R/u ...Barry Dempsey (32)     Class 2 R/up...Gary O Connor (33)
Class 1 3rd...Brian Daly (31)      Class 2  3rd...Davy Keogh (32)

Twos Mick Betts ,Peter Byas,Brian Donnelly

Captains Day St.Annes GC 21st July

Overall Winner: Jordan Reilly (35)

Class 1 Winner.. Jimmy Lowe (33)             Class 2 Winner....Eddie Byrne(29)
Class 1 R/u ...Willie Hogan (28)     Class 2 R/up...Frank Kelly (27)
Class 1 3rd...Tony O Connor (28)      Class 2  3rd...Barry Dempsey (26)

Class 3  Winner...Peter Byas (29)
Class 3 R/up...Brian Donnelly(25)
Class 3  3rd...Victor Kelly(23)

Presidents Day Roganstown GC 
18th August
Overall Winner: Jordan Reilly (40)

Class 1 Winner.. Joe Reid (38)             Class 2 Winner....Mick Betts(29)
Class 1 R/u ...Tony O Connor (36)     Class 2 R/up...Dermot O Connor (29)
Class 1 3rd...Brendan Daly (34)      Class 2  3rd...Frank Kelly (26)

Class 3  Winner...Terry Dempsey (30)
Class 3 R/up...John Daly(29)
Class 3  3rd...Brian Donnelly(26)
Two's....John Daly,Terry Dempsey,Ger Cooke,Tony O Connor,Terry Dempsey