Club History

The club was founded in 1922 and had a social hall in Finglas Bridge.  It continued into the mid-thirties, reformed in the forties.  During that period, we played in Doyle's field know as "West Park".  We then moved to Clonmell Park, (Duffs Field), Ballymun in 1945.  In 1946 we had moved to Blanchardstown after which we had the use of the fields in Finglas with the consent of the County Council.  However, we were moved form place to place due to housing development.  So on the 19th November 1958, we signed a lease with Dublin Corporation for a soccer pitch.  As we could only acquire an 11 month lease at the time, we were advised that perhaps we would have a better chance in Ballygall Road East.  We made an application to the Dublin Board of Assistance and we duly met the engineer.  It was agreed that we submit a plan of our requirements.  We did so on the 24th June 1960 and in 1963 after lengthy negotiations, we were informed that the site in question was allocated for flats.

We then applied to Dublin Corporation for a long term lease on our pitch in Finglas East, pointing out that we had now spent hundreds of pounds in rent and rates.  There was no hope of accepting the terms offered.  We continued to play in Finglas East and many will remember the late Mr. Keatley's house which he so kindly let us use as our dressing rooms.  We continued to use the house while the public park was being developed and in the meantime, we applied to the Dublin Health Authority for a letting of their lands in Cremore Drive.  We had to vacate the grounds (which we have now returned to) in 1968 as it was intended for building purposes.

We returned to Johnstown Park and we were still using Mrs. Keatley's house as our club premises until it was demolished in 1971.  In the meantime, we were renewing our application for the club premises.  We had meetings over the years with Dublin Corporation and we were pleased when in December 1974 we were finally granted a site in Fitzmaurice Road.  We then set about plans and had meetings with our architect.  We submitted our plans, but eventually had to withdraw them due to restrictions which left us with very little space.  That was in 1975.  We continued for a further four years to pursue our goal.  So on the 20th of March 1979 we were given title to the present site.  Work the commenced and on the 10th March 1980, we were pleased to open our sports complex.

The complex was official opened on the 18th July 1982 by Jim Tunney (Leas Ceann Comhairle) for a match against Bohemians.